Future Factory will be a series of events that span over years ensuring ongoing dialogue and knowledge sharing as the industry evolves. The series will start with a 2019 event. While the themes and format in this section acts as an indicator of what to expect at the events, these are also expected to evolve as the event series advances over years.

Manufacturing, like any other industry, is going through rapid pace of change. Today, manufacturers are striving to do more with less through increasing efficiency, reducing costs, as well as enhancing product quality with the help of technology.

The sector is going through a transformation which is widely considered as the fourth industrial revolution characterized by cyber physical systems, after the three industrial revolutions characterized by mechanization using steam power; mass production through electricity and assembly lines; automation through electronic and computers. This transformation, identified by terms such as Industry 4.0, Smart Manufacturing, is resulting in increased investments in digital technologies enabling autonomy and better decision making.

Capturing a piece of the digital transformation (DX) opportunity is at the center of business strategies today. According to IDC, this amounts to an opportunity for an annual economic value-add of $4.5 trillion in the manufacturing industry. Because the stakes are so high, manufacturers have made concerted efforts to begin their digital transformation journeys. While most organizations are attempting DX, only a small percentage are getting it right. Currently, less than 15 percent of all manufacturers have DX initiatives in production enterprise wide, which is the only way to truly transform.

Saudi Arabia, as a nation, is also going through a transformation and manufacturing is a major area of focus. The manufacturers in the Kingdom have achieved great strides in advancing the nation and positioning themselves as major global players. To continue this journey and to achieve the objectives of Vision 2030 and National Industrial Development and Logistics Program, it is imperative that there needs to be efforts with respect to knowledge sharing and collaboration. For that purpose, MODON is hosting an event series focused at the Saudi Arabia industrial sector on the theme 'Future Factory'.

“Unleash the Future – Transform or be Left Behind”


To accelerate the transformation of Saudi Arabia into a global industrial leader.


To develop a collaboration and knowledge sharing platform to accelerate the Industry 4.0 adoption in Saudi Arabia and Enable the transformation of the Kingdom into a global industrial leader.


Bring together the key stakeholders in manufacturing industry.

Ensure collaboration in the industry through knowledge sharing, and dialogue on Industry 4.0.

Enhance the collective knowledge in the industry by sharing best practices, innovations, trends.

Facilitate progress through connecting end users with suppliers, enablers, and influencers.


Understand the changing market dynamics; how the manufacturing industry is evolving and what is causing it.

Understand the digital transformation the industry is going through; how the various business lines within manufacturing are embracing it and are getting affected by it.

Learn about the emerging technologies in the light of DX and how they are causing disruption and their use cases in the factory environment.

Understand how global and local early adopters and market leaders are thriving; learn the best practices, case studies, and how to leverage them for your own area.

Communicate and interact with the industry leaders, the pioneers of the industry; as well as the enablers and influencers.

Get hands on with the industry's latest innovations.


Smart Manufacturing

This theme will focus on the innovation that is happening in the plant floor. The key objective of the manufacturer is to run the plant floor with minimal human intervention as well as gather intelligence on what happened in the plant floor, see what is happening, and predict what will happen to improve visibility within the four walls and enable better decision making on the plant floor. This theme will be further explored delving into areas such as robotic manufacturing, industrial IoT enabling asset management, etc.

Digital Supply Chain Optimization

This theme will focus on the objective of optimizing the value chain delving into aspects such as smart procurement, logistics automation, and extended planning. The digital transformation strategy now is about enabling the seamless flow of information throughout the supply chain enabling efficient flow of supply to optimize capacity and operations.

Connected Customer Engagement

This theme focuses on connecting with customers and suppliers to collaborate across the product life cycle from ideation through to product retirement. Areas such as customer management, supplier management, trade promotion, service innovation, etc. will be dealt upon within this theme.

Digital Innovation

This theme deals with improving the innovation process within the factory to bring new products to market faster and cheaper. Areas such as product innovation, simulation, formula management, etc., will be covered under this theme.


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